Welcome to Our New Blog!

We’ve been talking about it for a long time, but today was finally the day. We decided to sit down and start our own blog!

I’m Sivan and my partner is Any, and together the two of us will be delivering up tons of interesting content on a wide assortment of topics that we find interesting and feel that you will as well.

One of our greatest passions in life is yoga, so expect to see a bunch of posts about that. We’ll also talk about more general health and fitness topics, and also plan to share helpful tips for living an all-around better and happier life.

I know there isn’t much yet, and trust me, neither of us are computer savvy web designers, but we promise to do the best we can to make this one of the most interesting websites on the internet.

Okay, that me be going a little bit too far. But we do promise to keep our readers entertained and interested!

So once again, welcome and thank you for checking out our site. Make sure to come back by in a couple of weeks to see what’s new and how our page has progressed!

Until next time!

-Sivan & Any